AXfix light motorbike lashing system for rear wheel

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  • MX025P0200
  • 1 system for all motorbikes
    Safe transport
    No scratching or chafing
    Quick motorbike securing
Product information "AXfix light motorbike lashing system for rear wheel"

Transporting your motorbike safely with the AXfix light                                                             

When transporting a motorbike, it is important that your motorbike stands safely - so there is no danger for you and your motorbike. Of course, all laws regarding load securing should be observed. And the whole thing should also be quick and easy!

That's why AXfix light is the right choice for you!

We show you how to lash your motorbike properly:

What can AXfix light do?                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Simple and safe motorbike transport 
  • One system - universally applicable for all motorbikes with hollow axles (except for single-sided swingarms, here an adapter is necessary) 
  • All laws for load securing are complied with  
  • No unnecessary load on the springs during transport 
  • No jamming of cables, cables or lines during tensioning 
  • Space-saving - clamping angle up to 0° possible 
  • No scratching or chafing on the motorbike                                                                         

Your motorbike is firmly lashed to the transport vehicle - it's easy, fast and completely safe! So nothing can slip - no matter whether it's a trailer or a transporter!

On which motorbikes does the AXfix light fit?

  • Your bike is lighter than 210 kg (usually racing bikes, supersport bikes, naked bikes) - you can find this information in your vehicle registration document or in the user manual. 
  • Your bike has a hollow axle 
  • The diameter of the hollow axle is at least 8 mm 
  • The length of your wheel axle / thru axle (space between the fork for bolting) is:  
    • at the rear between 280 - 380 mm 

If our AXfix light does not fit, then take a look at Axfix - here you will find almost all models with a perfect fit kit from 229 €! Above all, here you have the ideal solution for single-sided swingarms.

How do I mount the AXfix light? And how can I lash my motorbike with it?                                                       

The AXfix light is very easy to use. The aim is to secure your motorbike easily, quickly and safely. We show you step by step how to do it: 

    1. Push the shaft through the hollow axle of your motorbike. Your hollow axle should have a diameter of at least 8mm. 
      Note: Please check if your motorbike has a hollow axle before buying. An adapter is required for single-sided swingarms. Therefore the Axfix is the ideal solution for you.  
    2. Secure the shaft with the cones. These are screwed on tightly using the thread and ensure a firm fit of the shaft on the wheel of your bike. 
      Note: For this you need between 220-320 mm space at the front wheel and 280-380 mm at the rear wheel. Then you have enough space for the shaft and the cone to be screwed on. 
      Tip: Do not use any tools for this - muscle power is sufficient. 
    3. There is enough space at the ends of the AXfix light for the tensioning strap. It doesn't matter whether it has a loop or a hook. If you don't have a tensioning strap, you can find suitable straps here or directly in the set (select in the drop-down menu above).    
    4. You can now tie down your motorbike with the tensioning straps - use eyelets or airline rails for tensioning. You don't have anything like that yet? Then you can buy everything you need to secure your bike for transport here.  
    5. Tighten the straps evenly and check that they are secure. 
    6. Professional tip : Use our transport rocker for even easier unhitching. Push your motorbike on the trailer into the rocker. Then it will be stable and you can even unhitch your motorbike on your own without it getting wobbly.

Important features of the AXfix light:                                                              

  • Inexpensive system (compared to similar products on the market)  
  • Universally applicable, 1 system for all motorbikes that meet the conditions below - without extra adapters. You do not need a new mounting system for every bike, as long as the following points are met: 
    • Your bike has a hollow axle 
    • The diameter of the hollow axle is 8 mm 
    • Your bike does not weigh more than 210 kg 
    • The length of your wheel axle / thru axle (space between the fork for bolting) is:   
      • at the rear between 280 - 380 mm
    • Note: An adapter is necessary for single-sided swingarms.

Technical data of the lashing system:                                                              

  •  Rear shaft: 460 mm long, 7 mm diameter 
  • Cones for bolting the shafts 
  • The shaft is made of high quality stainless steel 
  • The cone is made of hardened steel    
  • Suitable for machines up to 210 kg 
  • Patented system 

Our motorbike fastening system is a universally applicable system - our aim is that you don't have to buy a new AXfix for every motorbike, but can simply lash and secure every one of your motorbikes with our all-rounder.

Questions and answers about the lashing system: 

Question: How can I transport my motorbike safely? 
Answer: There are many possibilities and systems for transporting your motorbike. When lashing, the most important thing is

  • Secure standing 
  • No slipping of the load 
  • Compliance with the laws on load securing 
  • No damage to the motorbike 

To make this as easy as possible, we now have the AXfix light in our range - simple, quick securing with a patented system, suitable for many motorbikes or extra adapters.   

Question: How do I secure my motorbike to the trailer? 
Answer: There are many possibilities. In any case you need a tensioning strap.  
Attention: It must be Tüv-approved and have the blue label. Then you should make sure that the motorbike is firmly lashed to your trailer or van - i.e. you need eyelets or rails that are firmly bolted to the transport vehicle as anchoring points. The trickier question is where and how to attach the straps to the motorbike in order to avoid damage to the motorbike, but at the same time to have a secure stand for the transport.  
Question: Do I need a new AXfix light when I buy a new motorbike? 
Answer: No! That is our advantage. Our AXfix light can be used universally - no matter which bike you have. As long as these requirements are met:  

  • Your bike is lighter than 210 kg (usually racing bikes, supersport bikes, naked bikes). 
  • Your bike has a hollow axle 
  • The diameter of the hollow axle is at least 8 mm 
  • The length of your wheel axle / thru axle (space between the fork for bolting) is: 
    • front between 220 - 320 mm
    • rear between 280 - 380 mm

If our AXfix light does not fit, then take a look at AXfix - here you will find many more models!

Scope of delivery:

  • Shaft rear 
  • 2 cones for screwing on the shaft 
  • Optional (selectable in the dropdown above): 
    • 2 x ratchet tensioning strap
      • Ideal length of 1.6 m 
      • With Tüv seal 


  • 2 x Hook tensioning strap 
    • Ideal length of 1.6 m 
    • With Tüv seal


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