AXfix motorbike lashing system for Zero Motorcycles

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  • MX025S0632
  • Quick tie-down
    Safe transport
    No scratching or chafing
    Comply with all laws
Product information "AXfix motorbike lashing system for Zero Motorcycles"

The AXfix transport system for your Zero Motorcycles - transport your motorbike easily, quickly and safely  

When transporting a motorbike, it is important that your motorbike is secure - so that there is no danger to you or your motorbike. Of course, all laws regarding load securing must be observed. And the whole thing should be quick and easy! 

That's why the AXfix is just right for you!

How to use Axfix:

All the profits of AXfix:      

  • Easy and safe motorbike transport
  • All laws on load securing are complied with
  • No unnecessary load on the springs during transport
  • No jamming of cables, cables or lines during tensioning
  • Space-saving - clamping angles up to 0° possible
  • Space-saving - you can transport several motorbikes on your trailer without any problems
  • No scratching or chafing on the motorbike
  • Quick release with a shaft that is pushed through the hollow axle of your motorbike
  • No need for time-consuming clamping in inaccessible places on the motorbike
  • Robust system
  • Hardened clamping cone
  • Hard chrome plated for extra protection against corrosion and wear
  • Axles are made of special non-rusting steel

Your motorbike is firmly lashed to the transport vehicle - it's easy, fast and completely safe! Nothing can slip - no matter if trailer or transporter!

On which models does the AXfix fit?      

This article (SKU) fits the following models:

Model Designation Model code Model Year Kit
Zero Motorcycles SR/F SR/ZF al Kit 1
Zero Motorcycles DSR ZF DSR ZF all Kit 24
Zero Motorcycles DS ZF DS ZF all Kit 24
Zero Motorcycles FX ZF FX ZF all Kit 24
Zero Motorcycles FXS ZF FXS ZF all Kit 24

Please check wich Kit is suitable for your motorcycle and choose the correct one in the Drop-Down above.

Your model is not listed? Then send us an email and we will find the right system for you ( 

How do I mount the AXfix? And how can I lash my motorbike with it?

The AXfix is very easy to use. The aim is to tie down your motorbike easily, quickly and safely. We will show you step by step how to do this:

    1. Push the shaft through the hollow axle of your motorbike.

    2. Secure the shaft with the cones. These are screwed on tightly using the thread and ensure that the shaft sits firmly on the wheel of your bike.
      Tip: Do not use any tools for this - muscle power is sufficient.

    3. There is enough space at the ends of the AXfix for the tensioning strap. It doesn't matter whether it has a loop or a hook. If you don't have a tensioning strap, you can find suitable straps here.
      Note: 4 matching ratchet straps with a length of 1.5 m are included with the AXfix.

    4. With the tensioning straps you can now lash your motorbike - use eyelets or airline rails for tensioning. You don't have them yet? Then you can buy everything you need to secure your bike for transport here.

    5. Tighten the straps evenly and check that they are secure.

    6. Professional tip: Use our transport rocker for even easier unhitching. Push your motorbike on the trailer into the rocker. Then it will be stable and you can even unhitch your motorbike on your own without it getting wobbly.

Step by step to motorbike transport with AXfix                                                                                                                    

Safely unhitching one' s motorbike has never been so quick and easy. You can do it all by yourself.

Axfix in den Hohlraum deines Motorrads schieben Motorrad mit der Auffahrrampe auf den Anhänger schieben
Push AXfix into the cavity of your motorbike Push the motorbike onto the trailer with the ramp                   
Motorrad in die Transportwippe schieben für einen sicheren Stand Alles abspannen - und fertig!
Push the motorbike into the transport rocker for a secure stand Untie everything - and you're done!

AXfix transport bag - for the ideal transport of the AXfix and AXfix light kit!

The AXfix transport bag offers you the perfect way to transport and store the AXfix light and AXfix Kit when it is not needed. Everything is stored collected in one place and nothing can get lost. For each individual part of the set is a suitable compartment inside the bag. To the AXfix bag you come here!

Questions and answers about the lashing system

Question: How can I transport my motorbike safely?
Answer: There are many possibilities and systems for transporting your motorbike. When lashing, the most important thing is

  • Secure standing
  • No slipping of the load
  • Compliance with the laws on load securing
  • No damage to the motorbike

To make this as easy as possible, we now have AXfix in our range - simple, fast securing with a patented system. Simply order the right model for your motorbike from us.

Question: How do I secure my motorbike to the trailer?
Answer: There are many ways to do this. In any case you need a tensioning strap. Note: This must be Tüv-approved and have the blue label. Then you should make sure that the motorbike is firmly lashed to your trailer or van - i.e. you need eyelets or rails that are firmly bolted to the transport vehicle as anchoring points. The trickier question is where and how you attach the tensioning straps to the motorbike to avoid damage to the motorbike, but at the same time to have a secure stand for the transport.

Question: Do I need a new AXfix when I buy a new motorbike?
Answer: We will have to check in case of doubt. Just contact us in this case and we will be able to give you an answer.

Scope of delivery:


  • Shaft front
  • Shaft rear
  • 4 cones for screwing on the shaft
  • Depending on the model, possibly an adapter
  • 4 x ratchet tensioning strap (Ideal lenght of 1,5 m / with Tüv seal)




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