Motocross balancer

Motocross balancer
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  • MX026P0200
  • Save money in the long term
    For Enduro and Motocross
    Can be dismantled for transport
    Sturdy steel construction
Product information "Motocross balancer"

Balancing jack for motocross motorcycles

Motocross motorcycles are often pushed hard and have to withstand a lot. Impacts on the rims are not uncommon. These cause the motorcycle to run out of round. This can be dangerous!

Especially if the motorcycles are subsequently used on the road - then it can namely lead to an uncomfortable or unsafe driving behavior.

With the motocross balancer you can center your tires and ensure a straight run. In addition, you can correctly tension the spokes of your spoke rims. In addition, you must always rebalance your tires when changing tires - only then everything runs cleanly. If you want to do the whole thing at home or on the road, for example on the race track, you can't do without a motorcycle balancer. With our high quality processed balancing jack you can balance your tires comfortably static. The Motocross tire balancer is able to balance all common motorcycle tires.

The balancing of motocross or enduro tires is only necessary if the motorcycle is moved on the road and off-road. If it is only off road this is not needed!


The advantages of a motocross balancer:

  • Only necessary for those who use their motorcycle on and off the road!
  • All rim sizes from 10-21 inches
  • Frame rails can be adjusted for wide rims/wheels up to 12.5" wide
  • Adjustable legs with leveling bubble, for extremely accurate and reliable centering of the wheels
  • Centering arm adjustable
  • Tire can be mounted on a centering cone or with a ball bearing bar
  • Diameter of the balancing rod: 12 mm
  • Largest possible cone tip is 31 mm (made of high quality aluminum)
  • Coating of the balancing rod serves as protection against corrosion
  • Sturdy steel construction


Scope of delivery of the Enduro balancing rod:

  • Motocross balancing jack
  • 2x centering gel
  • 1x balancing rod 12 mm


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