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Product information "Motorcycle central stand EVOLIFT BMW R 1250 GS 19-"

Motorcycle center stand EVOLIFT, suitable for BMW R 1250 GS 19-:

✔︎ Jack up motorcycle, without further assistance, effortlessly and quickly.

✔︎ Easy independent maneuvering in the pit lane, garage or workshop.

✔︎ 4x double-bearing castors (optional)

✔︎ Central stand is height-adjustable in 7 steps; working height can be optimally adjusted

✔︎ Ideal for wintering; chassis and tires are relieved, no tire stand damage!

✔︎ Folding mechanism, center stand can be easily transported to race track or stored to save space

The BMW R 1250 GS 19- learns to fly:  

The first premium center stand in the compact class! This is "EVOLIFT":

Our center stand is the first of its kind in the compact class category. Independent jacking up of the entire bike, easy maneuvering in the pit lane, garage or workshop becomes child's play. Our center stand covers the basic features of a motorcycle stand and much more. If the EVOLIFT is to hold the bike statically in one place, optional stand feet can be attached to the base body instead of the double castors including brake. For each application, the height is individually adjustable and thus lockable within six levels. In one of the lowest levels, the tires still touch the ground. The wheels can be removed without further assistance and the tire can be changed with our tire changer. When the motorcycle is locked in the upper height levels with the center stand, a complete unloading of the chassis takes place. The motorcycle is in the ideal position for longer periods of standing such as the winter phase. This makes tire punctures a thing of the past. The wheels are freely accessible for further repair or cleaning work. Motorcycles with low-hanging fairings such as racing motorcycles can be jacked up without any problems thanks to the adjustable standard base plate and the optional bolting of the rollers to the base stand. It is important to note that the minimum ground clearance under the motorcycle must be 10 cm.

If the center stand is needed on the race track, the motorcycle is jacked up. This is where the EVOLIFT shines. Due to its compact design, the stand feet can be folded together and the stand arm folded down. This advantage allows the EVOLIFT to disappear in almost any trunk and is no longer an obstacle on the way to the race track. To bring the tires to temperature, tire warmers must be attached. The motorcycle jack makes mounting and removing the tire warmers child's play. Without further help, this can now be done. Except for the engine and swingarm, all parts of the motorcycle can be removed on the center stand. In the box, in the smallest space, all necessary repairs can be made.

Features of the motorcycle center stand:

✔︎ Adapter plate is replaceable, the center stand is a one-time purchase and is applicable to any motorcycle with the right plate.

✔︎ Inclination of the adapter plate can be adjusted from both sides of the carriage

✔︎ Standard base plate can be bolted in several positions to accommodate motorcycles with lowered nose spoiler as well (min. ground clearance must be 10 cm)

✔︎ Optional bolting of the rollers on or in the rectangular profile possible in order to be able to jack up modified motorcycles

✔︎ Tire warmer easy to mount, possible without further assistance

✔︎ Wheels are freely accessible, ideally suited for repair and cleaning work

✔︎ Angled lever arm, gives you extra protection

What has changed with the EVOLIFT 2.0 center stand?

Technical data:

✔︎ 2-color high-quality powder coating

✔︎ Attachment components are made of galvanized steel (protected against rust)

✔︎ Lifting height: approx. 15 cm

✔︎ Minimum motorcycle ground clearance (incl. rollers): 10 cm

✔︎ Lifting weight: max. 300 kg

✔︎ Weight: 21 kg

✔︎ Dimensions: 73 x 58 x 72 cm (length x width x height)

✔︎ Dimensions when folded: 73 x 11.5 x 25 cm (length x width x height)

Jacking up motorbikes - independently & without assistance:

Secure center stand accessories now:

Advertising sign:

Discover now!

Socket holder:


Discover now!


✔︎ The advertising sign we developed is perfect to put your personalized advertising.

✔︎ Our power outlet bracket can be attached directly to the center stand, helping you plug in your tire warmers or other technical devices directly to the center stand on the race track without creating a big cable mess.

Model specific instruction manual:

Questions and answers about this article:

- Question: Does the center stand also fit my year of construction?
Answer: The compatible years of construction are in our title. Abbreviations like 08-16 mean that the adapter plate fits all models from 2008 to 2016.

- Question: Will my Constands / Bursig / Move adapter plate fit on the EVOLIFT center stand?
Answer: Adapter plate support from other manufacturers is currently being planned. This Constands / Move adapter plate will be available here.

- Question: Are there adapter plates for other motorcycle models?
Answer: Yes, there are. Currently, the adapter plates of the motorcycle models with us only on request erhälltlich.

- Question: The center column is tilted after assembly, is this normal?
Answer: Yes, a tilt of 5 degrees is required so that the motorcycle is straight when jacked up.

Scope of delivery:

  • Center stand
  • Adapter plate for BMW R 1250 GS 19- with frame sleeve
  • 4x double ball bearing rollers (optional)

*Picture shows scope of delivery with rollers



Ein "must have" Produkt

Wenn ich nicht zufällig jemanden gesehen hätte, der sein Bike auf einen Zentralständer gehoben hätte, wäre ich wahrscheinlich nie darauf gekommen. Durch viel suchen im Internet bin ich dann zum Glück auf diesen hier gekommen. Leute was soll ich sagen. War ja erst skeptisch, dass man 270 Kg so einfach heben kann. Aber das Teil rockt mal so richtig. Zentralständer ran schieben ans Bike, in die Hülse (welche am Bike verbaut wird) einführen und den Hebel runterdrücken. Sicherung nicht vergessen! Das geht absolut easy. Nun aber noch kurz zum Aufbau.

Der Aufbau des Zentralständer geht wirklich schnell und einfach. Bitte Handschuhe anziehen, da einige Teile etwas scharfkantig sind.

Bitte beim verbauen der Hülse darauf achten, dass das Hinterrad gesichert ist gegen ein unbeachtsichtiges herunterfallen, da man die Querverstrebung vom Hinterrad lockert.

Das Einstellen der Halterung mit Aufnahme der Hülse und Distanzstück ist etwas Fummelarbeit. Wenn's aber passt, braucht nichts mehr verändert zu werden.

Wenn das Bike hochgehoben wurde (stufenweise einstellbar), hat man genug Freiraum um am Bike zu arbeiten. Es lässt sich mühelos, dank der Rollen (separat bestellen) herumschieben.

Einfach nur Klasse und absolut empfehlenswert.

am 17 Apr 2021

Ein Traum

Mit dem Ständer und etwas Übung ist das Bike in wenigen Sekunden aufgebockt. So kann ich das Bike einfach quer in der Garage vor das Auto manövrieren. Ein Traum. Und Platz ist auch gespart.

am 5 Feb 2021
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