Tire changer EVOSCORP + Motocross starter kit

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  • MX026S0101
  • Save money in the long term
    For 16-21 inch tires
    Can be dismantled for transport
Product information "Tire changer EVOSCORP + Motocross starter kit"

Change Motocross or Enduro tires with the tire changer EVOSCORP 16-21" by yourself!
Enduro, motocross, tubular and mousse tires, as well as spoke rims were previously not possible with our tire changers. We could not let that sit on us, so we started from scratch and created a completely new device.

We present you our tire changer EVOSCORP:
With the tire changer tires from 16-21 inches are easily changed by yourself - so ideal for your motocross tires! Free yourself from tire changing services and appointments in the workshop. Don't get your rim scratched in the workshop. Change your tires yourself! Conveniently at home or at the race track, when it suits you - with our tire changer EVOSCORP!

This complete set is perfect for all riders who move their motorcycle purely off the road. In offroad operation, no balancing is necessary, so this package combines the perfect set for all offroad enthusiasts or motocross riders! 


The advantages of a motocross tire changer at a glance:

  • Suitable for rim sizes from 16-21 inches by moving the arms on the device
  • Free working with both hands by locking the bead breaker mechanism
  • Stable stand due to wide legs and rubberized feet with footboard for fixation
  • Newly developed folding mechanism for easy transport and space-saving storage
  • Consists of galvanized steel and is thus permanently protected against rust
  • By locking the bead breaker arm, a bead buddy can be dispensed with
  • Centering rod is screwed and serves as carrying handle
  • Can be fixed to the ground with screws or pegs
  • Slots for mounting levers directly on the unit so that they are always within reach during work
  • Folding mechanism can be easily and quickly folded away when working with assembly levers


Watch our YouTube video about the tire changer EVOSCORP here:




The first beast among tire changers! This is "EVOSCORP":

Don't worry, besides the external similarities of a scorpion, our tire changer doesn't hold any dangers. On the contrary, it helps you to change your tire without headache or backache.

For this purpose, we have chosen the working height so that you can work with your own body weight - back-friendly and useful. The spike or bead breaker arm can be fixed in several positions by means of a locking lug. During dismounting, the old tire is pushed off with the bead breaker blade in one go. By turning the latching nose, the tire is fixed during mounting, while the tire bead is pulled over the rim with the mounting levers. Simply put, this saves us the Bead Buddy.

Since a motocross or enduro tire is not always changed indoors, we have equipped our enduro tire changer with the survival package: rubber feet are mounted as standard. Outdoor, the device can be bolted or fixed with pegs. Like any survivalist, our tire changer can be folded or disassembled into parts for easy transport.


You need more powerful arguments for buying a tire changer to change your tires comfortably at home?
No problem! With a tire changer you become more independent:

  • You save time (you don't have to make appointments, take your bike away, wait, pick it up again,...)
  • You save money (your new tire changer will have paid for itself after the 5th tire change).

If you want to be free from the dependencies to the workshop - then you are exactly right with max2h!

But don't worry, you won't have a huge machine standing around in your workshop or garage taking up space. That's why our tire changer is foldable. If you do not need it, you can store it space-saving.


Technical data of the motocross tire changer:

  • Suitable for 16-21 inch tires
  • Made of galvanized steel (protected against rust)
  • Max. Tire width:
  • Dimensions:
  • Dimensions when folded:
  • Weight: 14kg


Questions and answers about this item:

  • Question: How long does it take to change a tire with our tire changer?
  • Answer: With a little practice, you can change your tire yourself within 3 minutes. We have suitable videos with tips and tricks on YouTube.
  • Question: When is the Motocross tire changer worthwhile for me?
  • Answer: The tire changer is primarily aimed at riders with high tire wear. Workshops charge roughly 30-50€ per tire change. Here our tire changer pays off quickly.
  • Question: Is the motocross tire changer also compatible with single-sided swingarms?
  • Answer: Yes, but additional adapters are needed. You can find them here.
  • Question: What is the difference between the max2h tire changer and the Rabaconda tire changer?
  • Answer: It is much more compact, you have both hands free when pressing the tire and it facilitates the mounting. Outdoor our device can be screwed or fixed with pegs.
  • Question: Can I change normal motorcycle road tires with the Motocross tire changer?
  • Answer: Yes, you can. We recommend for tubular tires at least an air pressure of 0.3 bar, then you can change it like a motocross tire.

For an easier tire change, we recommend our tire changer EVO2 or EVOX.






Scope of delivery of the Enduro tire changer:

  • Tire changer EVOSCORP
  • 20 mm shaft
  • 23.8 mm sleeve for positioning the rim
  • Bead breaker mechanism with scoop
  • Rubberized feet with footboard

Motocross Starter kit:

  • 4x mounting lever
  • Mounting brush
  • Mounting paste





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